toxicology solutions

At Orange County Toxicology we are dedicated to providing treatments centers and medical professionals with industry leading, accurate and timely urine drug screen and toxicology solutions. Our goal is to provide are clients and partners with the state of the art toxicology and drug testing solutions and matching it with support that is second to none.

Orange County Toxicology Offers:

  • Quantitative urine toxicology testing for more than 40 substances
  • 24 to 48 hour reporting of results
  • Comprehensive and actionable reporting
  • Easy to use processing and reporting systems
  • State of the art scientific toxicology solutions.

We know that no two companies are the same and we customize all of our client solutions to meet the needs of our individual customers. Our approach is unique in that we bring over 20 years of financial, medical and toxicology testing solutions to our customers.  With all of our clients and partners we take the time to understand their specific needs and determine the most effective solution available.

To schedule a free consultation and detailed solutions proposal contact Kristyn Hill at 949-682-0280  or email us at octoxicology@gmail.comContact us for a free consultation.