As the owner of a drug and alcohol treatment center of medical practice you are probably keenly aware of the complications of insurance processing and reimbursements.  A patient entering a drug and alcohol treatment center may be self-paying or in most cases is relying on insurance coverage to cover either in-patient or out-patient treatment and related costs. Insurance eligibility is generally determined upon entering treatment and patient and insurance payment portions are determined. Patient drug testing, lab and toxicology insurance benefits are often not closely examined upon admittance.

Patient insurance benefits for medical services,  lab work, drug screening, and toxicology can vary based on the insurer,  type of insurance,  and claims history of the patient. The contracts and insurance relationships of medical practitioners,  lab and toxicology providers may also have positive or negative impacts on the patient since these services are billed directly to the insurance company by the third party.  Patient coverage and potential costs to the patients should be considered when selecting medical service providers, labs and toxicology companies.

At Orange County Toxicology our toxicology service proposals and services consider patient costs as one of our primary motivations. Generally there are options to use both in-network and out-of-network billings to insurance companies.  Our long term relationships allow to provide options that maximize the benefits to the treatment center or medical practice and the patient.  In most cases the use of in-network billing allows for quicker and simpler processing of claims and lower costs to the patients.

All of our consultations and detailed proposals are free of charge and include a detailed work flow process and financial analysis.  You may contact OC Toxicology  to schedule a free consultation by calling Kristyn Hill at 949-682-0280 and emailing us at