Treatment Center Drug Testing Solutions

Accurate and timely drug testing is critical in the alcohol and drub testing industries to protect the ensure the recovery of patients and to protect the safety of all residents.  Intake testing is also critical  in the evaluation and treatment of new patients and in developing accurate and effective treatment plans.  

In the drug and alcohol treatment center environment urine drug testing is the preferred method of testing for substances.  Urine toxicology testing is easy to administer and produces accurate and timely results and are easy to store and be transported to the laboratory for testing.  In many cases urine specimens also have a longer detection window than other drug testing methods.  

Orange County Toxicology provides a customized sciences-based solution drug testing solution for all of our clients and partners.  Our urine drug test specimens can test for both prescription medications and a wide range of illegal substances including barbiturates, amphetamines,  benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and a wide range of synthetic cannabinoids and artificial stimulants and others substances.  Another benefit of urine drug screens is the speed at which results can be obtained.  In most cases initial test results can be received within 24 to 48 hours with confirmations received in approximately 72 hours.

What sets us apart Orange County Toxicology is our professionalism  and our support that is second to none.  Our company is sober owned and operated and operated and we have worked with many treatment center owners providing a wide variety to toxicology and financial solutions.

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