Our fully integrated portal based drug testing solutions generally provide the quickest and most cost effective way to process drug screens and toxicology samples.  Generally drug test results are able to be received within 24 to 48 hours of submission and can be confirmed in as little as 72 hours. After received,  results are maintained so they can be accessed at a later time and can be access by multiple parties at multiple locations.

In addition to the digital reporting of results insurance information can be entered, maintained and stored for current and for future use.  Processing of insurance reimbursements and discrepancies and can monitored in real time though the fully functions portal.

Some clients and partners initially may be intimidated by learning to use the portal but quickly come to appreciate the ease and efficiency of it operation.  As always, all of our solutions come with full on-boarding and continued support and we make sure that all of your staff are fully comfortable with it's operations.

For a free demonstration of how our fully automated portal based processing solution can benefit your business you may contact Kristyn Hill at 949-682-0280 or email us at