Medical and treatment center drug testing and toxicology practices must meet a variety of compliance standards to ensure the reliability of results, protection of patients, and compliance with health insurance guidelines. The OC Toxicology account management team is available for both on-boarding and ongoing staff training and support. All of our services are designed to meet the highest industry standards.  Our staff is available to train physicians, nurses, medical assistants and key staff members in all areas of you drug testing and toxicology process.

Upon the initial start-up and implementation of services our staff will:

  • Provide a on-site on-boarding specialist that assist in the development of your drug testing work flow practices.
  • Train your physician, medical assistant or key staff on all areas need to begin the drug testing process.
  • Provide all necessary supplies and train staff of their use.
  • Provide necessary support to ensure that all practices meet medical, privacy and insurance guidelines and standards.

While continuing your drug testing and toxicology services our staff will:

  • Provide on-site support to determine necessary improvements or issues with toxicology processes.
  • Remain available to answer questions and promptly resolve and current issues or difficulties.
  • Monitor access to supplies and transportation processes.
  • Train new staff members, physicians or medial assistants.
  • Manage insurance processes and work to resolve any reimbursement issues.

Our goal at Orange County Toxicology our goal is to provide to most advanced and effective drug testing and toxicology services available and provide service that is second to none.  For a no-cost consultation and analysis contact Kristyn Hill at 949-682-0280  or contact us at